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Mau5ey Mau5ey

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Haha totally didn't read the description and was thinking it sounded like Deadmau5. I like it, A LOT :D

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Roma Roma

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just stumbled across your music, and this is so sick! You listened to much of 'Four Tet'? If you haven't then you should because he does a lot of guitar splices and glitched up songs. I so badly want to start writing music like this but I don't quite have the patience or know how haha. Yeah anyway LOVE this song :D

Anti-Citizen responds:

You know.. Listening to Four Tet's Pause album made me wanna do the guitars like this. :P but yeah it does take a lot of patience. I take around six hours to finish a song like this (That includes recording.). But just go ahead and make music. i remember my first songs. Utter shit is what that was, (Midi synths *shudders*) but thats okay because you'll learn a lot and have fun making them. :P

Lost Soul [Dubstep Remix] Lost Soul [Dubstep Remix]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hey, this is my first review so bear with me xD

I friggin love it at 21 seconds especially with the vocal sample thing in the background (Unless im mistaken and there was no vocal sample) either way I liked it haha. I personally think it's a good length too, I seem to recall you saying you like to write repetitive music or something and this is a good balance of repeating loops with some changes and I never really got bored listening through the whole thing. I'm personally not sure about the bass part which comes in at roughly 57 seconds (sorry I can't be more helpful). I think if you're going to write more dubstep you may want to experiment a bit more with the bass part, for example you could make it the focus of the piece and then put in all your background synths/samples and get that deep, subby, wobble bass going perhaps? (although i'm not expert)

Overall I thought this song was wicked! And sorry if i've written too much or not been too helpful (it'll probably be best to just ignore any criticism/ideas I have lol). I think once I finally get my first song approved I'll try and have a go at some dubstep, but I doubt it'll be as good as this :)

th3fallen0ne responds:

Lol, good go at your first review! Now going in order I'm going to try an reply to your comments. Vocal sample? Not in this one. And about repetitive music, that's a bit in the rough. Certain styles I have done (especially when it comes to ambient) use more repetition compared to others. Although I like my style to be more down beat and smooth, I do want to keep my listeners (and myself) happy with change. Like you said. You never really got bored listening to it. As for the bass at 57 sec, I personally like it. I probably coulda changed it up slightly, but meh. It's a personal pref. And as I only have a certain amount of wobble bass loops, I can only do so much. I wish I knew how to make custom wobbles =\

I always enjoy a good review providing that people understand my intentions for my songs. Otherwise is gets complicated. My style is simple and unique. Different than what people generally make. But yeh, thnx for taking the time to review this. You did a good job despite this being your first :P

BTW. if you haven't heard my other dubstep, do have a look at them :)