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My first post...

2011-03-19 19:14:58 by EyeRideCloud

Hey y'all!

I'm kinda new to newgrounds but hopefully i'll be able to write some music that people will like/enjoy so keep posted. Not quite sure what to write here as well so I guess i'll just ramble for a bit...

I currently use Logic 8 now, might upgrade if I get a new Mac but we'll see. But i'll probably be posting some old songs/riffs/ideas i've come up with over the last year initially, see what people think of those and maybe go back and redo or finish them. I tend to write a mixture of different things, ranging from plain electronic synthy stuff (not quite sure how to classify it but oh well), some more kinda orchestral kinda stuff to some vaguely drum and bass influenced music.


Cya in the portal!


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2011-03-19 20:51:13

illl watch too see if u music good :D


2011-03-21 12:08:10

I too music see good if :D